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Mr Griffiths


Please could everyone bring their reading books
to class on the correct day.

                           Monday                                 Tuesday                                Wednesday                                    



 P.E is now on a Wednesday afternoon.
Don't forget to bring your P.E. kit and
remember no jewellery for P.E.


If you click on the links above, you will be taken to
websites we use regularly in class. 

All the children in the class have their own personal username and password
to access the maths games on the Active Learn website.
Click the link above or click
here to login.
I will be setting homework here for children to complete.
Remember the school code is dlps.

Active Learn Homework
11.09.17 - Hedgehog Hurry
18.09.17- Rainy Daze
25.09.17 - Pesky Pests
2.10.17 - Reel It In
9.10.17 - Excellent Estimating
16.10.17 - Clam Collector
23.10.17 - Mushroom Mayhem
8.12.18 - Hedgehog Hurry
22.1.18 - Balloon Pop
29.1.18 - Reel It In

2017- 2018

Spring Term

Our topic this term is ...

In Victoria Park we were helpful to Alexander the Wolf.


Click the acorn to play Nutty Numbers. Improve your mouse skills.

We went to Victoria Park to look for fairies.


Autumn Term

Our topic term is ...

Snappy Maths

Try out the games by clicking on the pictures.

We went to the Toy Mine in Rhondda Heritage Park and
we met Father Christmas and one of his reindeer. It was amazing.


We had a great day with Emma, the Space Ambassador,
from Astro Cymru. We had a 3D tour of the Universe, had the chance to handle meteorites,
we made our own rockets and launched them in the yard. 



We heard a loud crash in school this week and we went with Year 2 to see what had happened. We were very excited to discover an alien spacecraft. We vow to investigate further.


Each week our teacher, Mr Griffiths, chooses a member of our class to receive an award, it can be for any reason he chooses. Congratulations to the following children:
Freya Weeks
Maya Yates
Madison Williams
Tomas Evans
Summer Davies
Rosie Barnes
Dainton Morgan
Macauley Boundford

Alyssya Williams
Cole Iwanski


Summer Term

Our topic this term is:


We have had a great time racing in our Sport's Day. Well done everyone!


We have been busy looking at pollution in Eco-week.


We had an amazing time in Noah's Ark Farm Zoo. We saw lots of animals and had a lot of fun. 


Click on the wizard to play Wizard's Balls.

Spring Term

Our topic this term is:

DJ Cow

Winter's Tail

Fling A Fish

Deep Sea Phonics

Deep Dive

Click the crab to practice your 2 times tables.

Try this game.

Make your own avatar.

Click on the pirate to play Spelling Ship.

Try the Food Chain game.

We loved performing our class assembly for the school.
We had a lot of fun on Red Nose Day and Mr. Griffiths was very pleased with us.


We had very special visitors in our school this afternoon. We were thrilled.


We really enjoyed taking part in our Eisteddfod to celebrate St. David's Day. 


The school looked very different when we came in wearing green to promote our Eco-Week.

We had fun in Eco Week when we had a "Scoot to School" day.


On Safer Internet Day we made our own avatars and created  usernames
to help us keep our personal information private.


We had to investigate Wind Power for Eco Week.
We started off by playing blow football to see what we could do with our own puff.



The submarine and our magical underwater world in class.

Autumn Term

 Our topic this term is:

We had a very special visitor come to see us and we were very excited to receive a present from him.


We had a fabulous afternoon watching the pantomime 'Dick Whittington',
the children were engrossed.


We had a great time in our class Christmas Party,
dancing, playing party games and eating our party food.


Our Christmas concert was fabulous. The children worked so hard and were terrific.
They looked great too. I hope you all enjoyed it.


It was excellent. We also had a chance to play bells,
talk to the actors and sit on a donkey.




We have been learning about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot.
We went outside to make  a guy.


The Food Standards Agency came to school today to teach us
about food hygiene, as part of our Science Week.
We saw a fabulous show and Gwen the Monster came into class to work with us.
We had a super time.


We had a great time learning about our body with Rhys from Mad Science,
as part of our Science Week looking into 'Healthy Me'.


The class looked great, when supporting 'Turn Cwm Taf Pink'.


We have been sorting using Venn Diagrams and Carroll Diagrams this week.


We really enjoyed cooking and making cakes for our Macmillan Coffee afternoon.


We have been learning about healthy eating and we had to sort foods into two piles.
One pile for food we think we can eat a lot of and foods that we should not eat a lot of.


We have been learning about our senses and testing them to see how good they are.
We have been smelling, tasting and listening in class. Do we have super powers?


 The Oscars 
Each week our teacher Mr Griffiths chooses a member of our class to receive an award, it can be for any reason he chooses. Congratulations to the following children:

Lachlan Dunning
Jack Prosser
Lowis Williams
Evie Rasmussen
Bree Watters
Ruben Dunning
Ava-May Lewis
Louie Jones
Grace Garvey
Bonnie Tingle
Tommie Griffiths
Ethan Baber
Lawson Dixon
Caden Northam
Dainton Morgan
Riley-Jay Harding
Mylee Barclay
Ellie Bunce
Dylan Olden
Mercedes Morgan
Connor Miles
Jessica Stanniforth
Jacob Evans
Lilie-Mai Eynon


Our topic for the Summer Term is:

We have had a very healthy and sporty week.
We scooted to school, had Kiwi sports and had a fabulous Sports Day.


We had a wonderful school trip to Garwnant.
Year 1 and 2 went to learn about the forest habitat as part of their topic.
We went on an animal trail, found out about forest animals and made dens for the animals.
We even had time to have a play in the park. It was great!


We had a great time in Victoria Park making sculpture out of the things we could find,
like the artist Andy Goldsworthy.


Our school nurses came in to talk to us this week. They told us about the importance
of washing our hands and showed us how to do it properly.


We were very lucky to have a visit from the Fire service, they came to explain the dangers of playing with matches and what you should do if you see a fire.


Our topic for the Spring Term was:

In the last week of the Easter Term we have seen a lovely assembly about Easter from Year 3. We have had a visit from two fire officers and they
told us about the dangers of matches and what to do in the case of fire.
We also said goodbye to Miss Anstee, she is leaving the school after working here for over twenty years, and we wish her all the best.


We have experienced a special Healthy Schools Week, focusing on "Food and Fitness".
We have had races in our P.E. lessons and a special dance fitness classes which we loved.
We had a talk about healthy lunchboxes with our school nurse and
we made healthy vegetable pasta to eat in class.


We have had another busy day in school celebrating World Book Day.
We all came dressed up as book characters., we had a special assembly,
we had a book swap in class and Year 6 came in to our class to read with us.


The children performed really well in our Eisteddfod,
they sang beautifully and read their poem really well.


We were very lucky this week because Mr. Jones came to school to show us some of his snakes.
He told us all about them and we asked him some questions
about the things we wanted to learn about. Mr. Jones gave us a snake skin to keep and because
Mr. Griffiths was the bravest man in the school, he held a big snake.


Try this game from the people at San Diego Zoo.


Click here to play Animal Island Data.

Our topic for the Autumn Term was:

We have been learning how to make and understand pictograms.

Click here to play the fishing game and read the pictograms.

Click here to play the game about people who help us.

Click here to play the matching game.

We were very excited when Father Christmas came to school to visit us.
We were so lucky he gave us a gift.

The class made us very proud this week when performing their Christmas concert.
They looked fabulous in their costumes, spoke clearly and sang beautifully.


We went to see the Nativity in St. Elvan's in Aberdare.
It was really good, we had a chance to sit on a donkey too.



In our Global Citizenship week, we have been studying Brazil.
We gave presentations in class to Year 2 and the Nursery/Reception children,
we have learnt a lot about Brazil and hope the other classes learnt something too. Then we went to the other classes and we learnt about Divali and Italy. It was very interesting.


We have tasted different tropical fruits that grew in Brazil.

We have been very lucky to have had a brilliant performance from the Pandemonium theatre group.
They taught us about the importance of telling the truth in the show "Cry Wolf".

We have had a great week. We loved working towards and performing in our Harvest Concert.
We used some Harvest vegetables to make a vegetable stew.

A lot of us went to the PTA Halloween Disco and we think it was a huge success.

We walked to Mountain Ash Library to see what is happening in our community.



A part of our Community Explorer topic we have had a visit from PC Rogers,
she talked to us about the job of Police Officers and the other emergency services.


We have been busy in class making cakes for our Macmillan Coffee Afternoon.
We made a delicious Mars Bar and Malteaser cake.



Click here to make and try out some Venn diagrams.

 The Oscars 
Each week our teacher Mr Griffiths chooses a member of our class to receive an award, it can be for any reason he chooses. Congratulations to the following children:

Millie Jones
Joseph Morgan
Ollie Iwanski
Evie March
Lucas Johnson
Isabelle Williams
Cairion Savage
Joyce Wang
Harri Moses
Amelia Mottram
Logan Evans
Rees Morgan
Lilly-Mae Gilduf
Ethan Murphy
Destiny Hancock
Edward Olden
Maisie Boyce
Chloe Poole
Skylar Legge
Masie Macintosh
Lucy Johnson
Leon Harrop
Alfie Davies
Joseph Davies
Devon-Mae Hill

Harloe-Belle Garland
Whole of Year 1
Harri Moses
Lucy Johnson
Seren Morris


In the Summer Term our new topic is Land Ahoy.

We have have been working hard in our Healthy Schools Week.
We have had a sponsored run, Sports Day, Kiwi Sports, Dance Fitness,
joined the walking bus,cooked fajitas,
scooted to school, made fruit and vegetables out of dough,
had healthier lunch boxes and we have drank a lot of water.




We had a visitor from Brace's Bread come into our class.
He showed us how the bread is made in the factory and we made a small loaf in the class.
We learnt a lot about bread making and healthy living.


We had a fantastic time on our class trip to Roath Park, it was a very busy day.
We had a tour of the conservatory with Ranger Dave,
he told us about the plants and the animals of the rainforest.
We also went orienteering, had a bug hunt, played in the playground and fed the ducks.


Men from the Fire Service came to school this week to tell us about
the dangers of matches and lighters and what to do if we see a fire.


We have been busy making boats and testing them to see if they would float.

Some did, some didn't.

We have been using a balance scale to compare the weights of different objects in our class.


Click the picture of the Owl and the Pussycat to listen to the story again and complete the activities.

Click Nash to play the adventures. Learn about floating and sinking. 

Click the parrot to teach him how to spell new words. 

Click the skull to design our own pirate. Don't forget to choose your pirate name.

Click on the ship to play the interactive counting game.

Click the barrel to play the game.

Click the gold coins to play Poop Deck Pirates.

Click on the treasure map to play the co-ordinate game.

 It's the Spring Term and our new topic is "Big Wide World". We will be looking at other countries and paying particular attention to China. If anyone has a connection with China I would love to hear from you.

Well done to everyone in the class who had 100% attendance for the Spring Term. 
A great achievement. Keep up the good work.


On March 20th we experienced a solar eclipse, we went out into the yard
and used our pinhole viewers to see the Moon passing in front of the Sun.
We were careful not to stare into the Sun, as it might hurt our eyes.

Red Nose day was on March 13th this year. We had a great time dressing up
and making our faces "Funny for Money".
The classes sang a silly song and told some jokes to each other in a special assembly.
We like raising money for charity.

World book Day was on the 5th March, we had a book swap in class,
this meant we had a chance of swapping books with our friends.
In the afternoon the older children from Mrs Brooks' class came and read to us.

We had a lovely Eisteddfod to celebrate St. David's Day, we all dressed
up and sang Welsh songs and we said a poem in Welsh too.

We have been celebrating the Chinese new Year in Class and we made a vegetable stir fry.
We had to be careful and chop our vegetables.
When we had cooked in the wok we ate it in class with some prawn crackers.

We have been reading a book about a spider, so we went on a spider
hunt and found out about them using our iPads.


We have a Chinese restaurant in our class, we named it The Golden Dragon.
We have all had a go at using chopsticks and we had a competition to see who was the best.



Why not try the Chinese Dragon maths game? Click the Dragon to play.

We were lucky to have a visit from Pandemonium Theatre Group
and we saw a performance of The Emperor's New Clothes.
We all enjoyed it because it was funny and it taught us not to be selfish or throw litter.


We have been very creative with clay this week, printing our own patterns.

In the Autumn term our topic was ....

I trust that everyone enjoyed the performance of The Smallest Angel.
The children have done everyone proud, what a talented group of children we have.

Nadolig Llawen

The Smallest Angel

We had a fabulous trip to the Millennium Centre
and thoroughly enjoyed Disney's The Lion King.

We had a "Scoot to School" during Eco-Week.

We had a really fun day for Children in Need, we all dressed up and we also had a Talent Contest, which was organised by the School Council.

 The Oscars 
Each week our teacher Mr Griffiths chooses a member of our class to receive an award, it can be for any reason he chooses. Congratulations to the following children:

Evan Phillips
Tanwen Olson
Grace Davies
Ella-Mai Long
Bailey Prosser
Isabella John
Summer-Rose Morgan
Evie Jones
Lillie Evans
James Gill
Gethin Simpson
Mackenzie Williams
McKenzie Evans
Lewis Walker
Owain Robinson
Isobel Dunning
Phoebe John
Darci Lloyd
Rowan Phillips
Aaron Warner
Peyton Morgan
Dexter Jones
Chaunte Prosser
Owain Scrivens
Sophie Johnson
Dosbarth y Enfys
Lexie Dixon

Jarrad Bevan
Mackenzie Mountjoy
Harrison Bevan
Macey Harford
Lexi Baber
Jason Wang
Olivia Simons



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